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Ireland Ireland

One year in Ireland

My first trip. I spent most of my time in the Connemara district, specially in Galway.
This country become a crush and will stay one of the best experience.
Region of the world where it's easy to loose yourself in middle of green landscape or an old monastery,
who became a youth hostel, heated with the fire of peat.
County where, during an hike, you meet flock of sheeps in middle of the road,
guarded by a friendly irish and his dog, proposing you to join him to drink a pint in a warm place,
in a pub alive by a taditional celtic live band.
I benefited of my last two mouth to do a tour in all this beautiful island,
discovered magnifics lands and came back where I already enjoyed some landscapes.
You can see my road trip via this map. I will be happy to give you advise if you want to visit Ireland.